PM Remover Kills Mold on Contact!

PM Remover is a unique blend of all natural ingredients that effectively and immediately end powdery mildew on plants. PM Remover is a contact foliar fungicide that is effective in ending most fungal infections especially powdery mildew but also downy mildew, black spot, blight and mold. PM Remover is the fastest acting fungicide on the market today.

Infected Cucumber Vine

Infected Cucumber Vine

Poor air motion, humidity changes and still moist air promote powdery mildew.  Once a powdery mildew growth condition exists, powdery mildew spores invade the surface cells of plants to begin a colony.  As the colony grows larger new spores are produced that attack adjacent plant surfaces and spread the infection rapidly throughout a greenhouse or garden.  It is vital to stop the infection because the mold colony will move deeply into the tissues of the plant interrupting photosynthesis and ultimately kill the plant. Even under these conditions PM Remover can fight the worst situations with complete success.

When to use PM Remover

Use PM Remover anytime you see powdery mildew.  It is safe to use on all plants including food crops and can be used right before harvest with food safe to eat one hour after treatment.  The ingredients are non toxic and “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. PM Remover cannot hurt you or your plants. PM Remover does not leave a residue, dries quickly and leaves a clean leaf surface for up to three weeks even in the presence of active mildew.

Side by Side PM Remover Test

Untreated and Treated Half Leaf After 14 Days

As seen in the test leaf above, the half that has been sprayed can grow next to the untreated half of the leaf without becoming re-infected.  PM Remover works by changing the growth conditions of leaf surfaces so they are unable to support fungal infections.

Why choose PM Remover

Alternative remedies like chemical fungicides and sulfur burners are toxic and unsafe to handle indoors or out. PM Remover is a safe, economical alternative and a zero environmental impact remedy for treating powdery mildew that you can use anytime you see powdery mildew. PM Remover has an extended shelf life because it’s a powder.  It mixes easily into water and can be used in any sprayer.

PM Remover has many benefits:

>> Safe all natural ingredients
>> Safe for use on all plants and food crops
>> Safe for all indoor and outdoor growing
>> Safe to use from seedling to harvest
>> Safe to use with lights on or in full sun
>> Safe to use every time you see powdery mildew
>> Safe around people, pets and wildlife

Product Safety Statement

PM Remover is not registered with the US Federal Environmental Protection Agency since it qualifies for exemption under FIFRA section (25)b as a minimum risk fungicide.

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